Tsujiki’s Matcha

Tsujiki is matcha producer in Uji Shirakawa, Kyoto.
Tsuji san won the national competition (全国品評会 zenkoku hinpyoukai) multiple times.

You might be surprised the strong impact, richness, umami, balance of aroma.

Quality without any compromise

To keep making the best quality matcha there is ceaseless effort.

The harvest is only once a year in spring.
Tsuji san keeps taking care of the tea trees whole year.

Fortunately we could visit to experience the tea picking in his farm.
The leaves are so energetic, large, soft, vivid blight green!

The extreme richness is like “foie gras”.

“Tsujiki Asahi” Richness, Umami

Single origin matcha using Asahi cultivar.
Thick, rich, long lasting umami.
It reflects the craftsmanship of Tsujiki.

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“Tsujiki Uji-hikari” Balanced

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Single origin matcha using Uji hikari cultivar.
Comparing Asahi, it’s more balanced.

“Tsujiki Gokujou” Latte & Bakery

Top quality bakery matcha.
It’s as good as general ceremonial grade matcha (usucha).

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How to whisk Matcha

You can see how to whisk matcha step by step.
We provide both traditional (usucha, koicha) and modern way.

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How to store matcha

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Matcha for Latte & Sweets

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Matcha made by top craft producer "Tsujiki"

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"Sencha" Signature Japanese tea with unique green aromas

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