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Steamed sencha is uniquely invented in Japan.
It reflects the nature of Japanese people.

Sipping sencha is like feeling back to Japanese forest.

Ohbukudani Sencha

Ohbukudani is the valley in Ujitawara, Kyoto.
It’s famous area for quality tea production since Edo era (around 300years ago).

Balanced umami, sweetness, bitterness, kick of green aroma.
Orthodox quality Japanese sencha.

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Mori’s Okumidori Sencha

Okumidori cultivar, produced by Mori san.
The taste is mild and less bitter.
Easy for the beginner to try it.

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Sakura kaori Sencha, Honyama

Cultivar is Shizu-7132.
It has unique floral aroma like sakura mochi.
Feeling like Japanese spring with full of cherry blossom.

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How to brew sencha

You can see the recipe of matcha latte step by step.

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How to store sencha

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Matcha for Latte & Sweets

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Matcha made by top craft producer "Tsujiki"

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"Sencha" Signature Japanese tea with unique green aromas

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