About Chajin Tea Supply

We are specialized Japanese tea supplier in Thailand.
Get qualified teas all over Japan directly from the producers.
Running Japanese speciality store “Koto Tea Space“.
Teaching about Japanese tea and matcha by “Chajin“.

Unique values only Chajin Tea Supply provides

Since we have specialized knowledge about Japanese tea we can provide proper suggestion to grow your business.

1. Specialized knowledge about Japanese tea

To provide qualified Japanese tea it’s important to have deep knowledge.
We can advice

-Basic taste and flavor components about Japanese tea
-Main factors of influencing the taste and flavor
-How to brew Japanese tea with proper instruments
-How to select tea to match your demand etc.

2. Networks with Japanese producers

We closely communicate with Japanese suppliers.
With these networks we can provide beneficial advice for your business to make decision properly.

3. Customer insight through selling tea

We have multiple sources to get feedbacks from customers.
Through tea shop operation, workshop, online and offline community.
It’s helpful for you to choose which tea is popular in market.

Situation of using our Japanese tea

Example 1. Serve Japanese tea at restaurant

Japanese tea has excellent matching with Japanese foods like sushi.
You can offer qualified teas as non-alcohol paring and enrich the dining experience for your customer.

Example 2. Latte matcha for drink and bakery

We have many varieties of tea powders like matcha, houjicha etc.
The quality is different depending on the price, area, season, cultivar.
You can taste several samples to choose the best tea for you before purchase.

Customer reviews

Here’s the examples of how people talk about our products.
*Some business clients are not disclosed because of their privacy.

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